Patterns & Textures

Here at Positively Packaged we want to be sure you have a versatile brand that has a lot of depth to it. Depth!?! You might be wondering what in the world does that mean? It just means you have layers to your brand. When you have just colors and a logo you tend to feel like you are missing something in your graphics. They seem flat and lack some personality. Having elements like this, also allows you to create

lots of looks all while still staying within your brand. Keeps it fresh for the customer. This does not mean that you need to overdo it and have patterns and textures in every inch of your marketing. Please, do not do that. That will only clutter up your brand and will not have a professional feel. These elements are meant to be used as accents and enhance your brand with small touches here and there. When looking at all the

items in your package downloads you will see how they are used and create a nice subtle feel to your brand. 
As part of Positively Fierce you sleek geometric pattern, along with direction on how to overlap the shapes to create a really interesting layout. Each of these patterns is supplied in each of your brand colors, so you don’t need to worry about figuring out how to do that. WITH THESE PATTERNS AND FUN DESIGN ELEMENTS THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.