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My North Star

Polaris, also known as North Star, appears stationary in the sky because it is positioned close to the line of Earth’s axis projected into space. Thanks to Google I learned that the axis of Earth is pointed almost directly at it! Because of this, Polaris is the only bright star whose position relative to our rotating Earth, does not ever change… day or night or different times of the year! How fascinating!

Have you ever thought about what your North Star is? What is the main reason you continue to show up day after day? Why do you keep fighting especially when things get tough?

For years I tried to figure out what my true North Star was. I wanted it to be meaningful and full of purpose. I first learned about “My Why” in 2014 when I joined a direct sales company. There was a lot of hype about making a ton of money and other things which increased my stress and pressure on me! I will talk more about this in another post soon, but what I have come to understand this past year is that my true Why is more like my North Star. It is that thing that does not move…no matter what. Yes, the actual why can change and should adapt, but is my star in place where my focus (like the Earth) is pointed almost directly at it!

I asked myself many times, even before creating Huntress Coaching, “No matter what else is rotating in my life, what is my “one thought” or “belief” that doesn’t move? Why am I willing to invest in these new certifications with four kids at home during the middle of a quarantine? Why do I want to take this knowledge and create a new business, especially when it is not an easy path? Why do I want to put myself out there, spend a ton of money and time among so many other sacrifices?”

Besides knowing this is the path God has chosen for me, it just took me years to accept, it is to create Hope! Hope brings you here open and ready for more in your life. Being ready allows you to commit to the actions required to make the change! The changes you make, with the tools I will use to guide you, help you create new choices with new outcomes!

I think we can agree that so many things about 2020 were awful and created a space of fear around us! When this fear arose, I dove deep into understanding my path and my purpose. Some days felt hard and yucky and exhausting, but I kept asking…. Why am I supposed to do this and how will I get there?

All of us deserve to have a life’s purpose! Those closest to you will benefit from your strength and courage moving ahead with confidence and certainty even when everything in the world around us can feel out of control!

I knew Hope was my word but I needed to become as specific as possible!

Here are a few things you can do, as I did (and do regularly) to makes sure my why is my true North Star!

  1.     Spend a few quiet minutes unicorn journaling. Set a timer for 2-5 minutes and write whatever flows without your pen stopping the entire time! Write down everything you love about your dreams and desires. For me, my focus is on what I love and desire for my business and how it blesses my family and my clients, and the impact I want to have on the world. Here are a few things I wrote down the first time: I love when I am happy, and others are happy. Others are happy when they work with me because they develop a sense of hope again in their lives. This hope supports them in creating the changes they have desired for a long time. These changes allow them to show up better in the world! This brings me hope because it encourages me to do the same! I make myself happy when I continue to heal the past, stay present, and project for the future.
  1.     Create “I am” statements. The phrase “I am” is super powerful because these two little words connect us to our root chakra and can ground us in our beliefs! “I am” statements connect us to our timeline of ancestors that have come before us and those that will come after us. What is it we want to take from them and what is it pass to our children? Some of the things I have written down: I am resilient, I am strong, I am intuitive, I am forgiving, I am compassionate, I am open, I am humble, I am loving and I am always adapting.
  1.     Spend the next week practicing a daily morning routine to set the intention for the day and journal your gratitudes at the end of each day and see what surfaces for you! Starting and ending your day with intention and expressing so much love for the good things around you can help you stay centered in your purpose and remind you that YOU are needed, and YOU are a divine being already enough! Some of my intentions: forgive quickly, smile when I feel scared or sad, hug all of my children, spend focused time with my husband, enjoy stillness for 10 minutes. And My gratitude journal really touches me when I look back over it because I can feel the days that were more difficult than others, like the day where all I wrote was: Today I am grateful I saw the sun shine bright through the clouds. This little phrase fills me with immense hope and love for my life that on the hardest of days I was able to recognize this beautiful gift. 
  1.     At the end of the week, put it all together and see if you have developed a statement, a why, a belief that feels immovable and strong enough to remind you, even on the darkest days, why you are here doing what you know you are called to do. Here is my template:

I am________________________________, and I am passionate about_______________________________, because ______________________________. No matter what, I will always____________________________________________.

Together with the steps I created above, I was able to find my true Why and North Star for Huntress Coaching:

"I am a wife, mother, daughter of God, and a vessel for others to heal their negative beliefs about themselves, and I am passionate about guiding women to discover new choices as these beliefs continue to crumble because these new choices lead to Hope and this Hope drives new outcomes. No matter what, I will continue to share my gifts with the world and light the way for women around the world to become true hopeful beacons of light in their own lives."

As we find our North Star and continually use it as a guide, we then become light ourselves, which guides others and ultimately invites them to discover what is possible for their own lives! What a beautiful process!

Thank you for being here. Thank you for sharing your Hope with me for your life and your journey towards light, wellness, and wholeness. My prayer is that I will continue to be the vessel God needs me to be to show you the way… and once you know the way, you will turn around and share it with others! I cannot think of anything more hopeful than that!

Welcome to Huntress Coaching and the tools to becoming Intuitively You!


Leanna Hunt

Owner of Huntress Coaching

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