My Money Resources

Here are a few resources I really love to help with manifesting money! 

First is the visualization David and I use the most before bed. It is such a great thing to implement into your evening routine and sometimes we even fall asleep while we are listening to it. Also, I would highly suggest spending time on the two books I have added once you are finished with Intuitively You! They are both amazing tools I go back to often in connection to what I have already shared with you in this module! Also, I have added a link to a beautiful manifesting journal that you could use specifically as you are reading these books and going through the steps in each! 

I am so excited for you as you continue to develop a healthy attitude and relationship towards money and also in trusting that the things we truly desire can come into our lives!

  1. My favorite YouTube visualization. David and I love to listen to this as one of the last things before we go to bed. It is powerful and calming and a great way to end the night.

Manifest Money Fast-15 Minute Visualization:

2. Rich as F*ck by Amanda Francis- This book has changed my relationship with money and I have included many things I have learned from her in this module.

3. Unleash Your Inner Money Babe by Kathryn Zinkina- This book is such a great place to start out and practice manifesting money for the first time. It is a workbook style which goes perfectly with some of the things I have suggested in this module.

4. Manifesting Journal- This is a great resource to take the things from this module and implement them daily while you are actively practicing manifesting.