Manifesting Money & Anything Else You Desire

Here are seven steps towards manifesting money and really anything else you want to bless and enrich your life. There are several ideas here to support you practicing manifesting, but the main things are being very specific about what you want and then allowing yourself to be free of the ways it HAS to come to you! What I have witnessed in my own life, like finding the painting for my office, was that the steps we take to get what we want and desire come from letting go of knowing the process by which those things will show up. 

My painting ultimately came into my life because I listened to the  thoughts I received to go to a new gym.. And then it was a process of what led to the local artist in this one class that is actually related to David’s niece, to have the exact piece I was looking for (which I really didn’t even know what the painting would look like.. But trusted when it came into my life, I would know! I was specific about it being a local artist, something to do with flowers, painted on canvas.. And things like that. BUT, I let go of the process of how it would come and then by following my intuition to random things, it led me right where I needed to go to find it!)

I would start with choosing at least one action from each section to start with first! Some of the activities are really fun and great to include your family in. Have them be part of the process! 

What is it you truly want? I can’t wait to see how it shows up for you when you allow yourself to truly manifest it!

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