Getting WordPress Set-up

Its time to start your new website! Let’s get to work.

If you already have a hosting account somewhere else, that is totally fine! Refer to your hosting provider’s videos and tutorials to learn how to set up a site if not here is a checklist for setting up your new site with Siteground.

  • First, you’ll need hosting and a domain. My tutorial takes you through setting this up with Siteground. If you use another provider that is totally fine but search on google and in their documentation for tutorials for this!
  • Click on Managed WordPress Hosting – Get Started
  • We recommend the “GrowBig” Plan
  • You can use a domain you own or search for and create a new domain. If you create a new domain, I suggest finding one with a .com or .co as they are the most popular and most easily recognized.
  • Once you have your domain, set up your account. Siteground has built-in security, so you shouldn’t need any other add ons.
  • Now that your account is created, log in to your Siteground dashboard. From here you will want to click on “Wordpress”, this will pop open your dashboard!

You are now ready to load your new website template!