Developing a Manifesting Mindset with Money

These six steps are important to develop a manifesting mindset about money along with implementing your Mama’s Go Goals planner to do the money exercises there! I have included some question prompts from my favorite manifesting money expert, Amanda Francis. I have included several quotes from her book, Rich as F*ck, that you can save somewhere to look at often! I love to put quotes on my mirror in my room because when I wake up, it’s the first place I see. I also love to save quotes to the notes section of my phone. 

Enjoy this process of learning about a healthy manifesting mindset along with creating your own Money Manifesting Tapping script! I would love for you to send me screenshots of what you create!

Practice implementing this tapping script at least once a day, and especially when you are feeling any stress or negative feelings about money! I love to do this before and after I pay bills and especially when I need to purchase something I really am resistant towards! It can change our current emotional state very quickly and allow us to feel calm and connected in a positive way towards money!

DOWNLOAD – Developing a Manifesting Mindset with Money