Belief Work

Here is an amazing tool created by one of my favorite authors, Byron Katie. This is a great exercise to challenge a belief we do not know how to let go or turn around. You can take any belief you are struggling with and go through this process in the pdf below to change it at any time. 

Try some of the beliefs from the choosing beliefs exercise that came up with Byron Katie’s formula and see if you can create the space to really let it go.

We can always use tapping along with this. Anytime we want to change the negative charge around an idea or belief, we can use any of these belief tools in this module along with the Examine One Belief Worksheet below.

Make sure to watch her two videos before going into the exercise!

To learn more about Byron Katie’s work, you can go here:


Youtube:  Byron Katie-Question Beliefs

Youtube: Byron Katie- Question Your Thoughts

DOWNLOAD: Examine One Belief Worksheet