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Welcome to Intuitively You

A 10-week mindset mastery program for women using conscious coaching combined with EFT and NLP techniques to heal the unconscious.


And you’ve tried so many things...

… and I know this because I was there! For the last 12 years, I have been on a search for the right tools to help me develop a healthier mindset so that I could overcome my eating disorder and find a sense of balance in my life. I have worked with more professionals than I can even count! I am not sure if it was overnight, although it really feels like that, something clicked! I had ALWAYS been focused on results and so often those results didn’t last. It did not matter if the goal was towards healing my relationship with food, or healing relationships with others or myself… It was always the same! The more I started learning about beliefs, everything changed. I started implementing the tools I was learning to release the old beliefs. At the same time, I was installing new beliefs and decisions about myself, my capabilities, my goals, and my life. I started noticing positive lasting change happening in my life and in all areas!

I sacrificed a lot of time and invested in learning! I wanted to know more about belief and these changes I had started to make. My life coaching program combined with my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certificates has contributed to me creating a beautiful one-of-a-kind program to support the mindset process while we truly strengthen and heal both past and current beliefs! As we do the healing work with our beliefs, we are able to release stored negative emotions. Releasing these stored negative emotions supports us owning our personal power. Owning our personal power helps us choose action steps aligned with our new beliefs. These actions get us to the results we have ultimately wanted all along! And the beautiful part is that they are lasting!  

Join us as we explore the next 10 weeks together immersing ourselves in belief work and developing a healthy mindset perfectly suited for the woman ready to experience the change she has wanted for so long.

 Intuitively You is truly a combination of life coaching strategies with subconscious work to strengthen YOU! Diana was a huntress and goddess of the hunt. She was also known as the goddess of the crossroads, and like Diana, we often find ourselves at the crossroads of life and truly wanting to know what is next! The tools you will develop, the emotions you will release and strengthen, and the belief you will develop in yourself will support you at all future crossroads of life. Diana used her bow just as you will use your new belief and the target is whatever is aligned with that belief!  With 10 group sessions, our 1-1 session combining my certified modalities, weekly modules, a beautiful planner goals system, and amazing support and accountability, you will be able to hit your mark at every crossroads you come to! 

By the end of Intuitively You, you will have:

Knowledge of EFT

An adequate knowledge of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and how to use it.

Tapping Charts to Guide You.

Printable PDFs of various EFT tapping scripts along with the Huntress EFT tapping points practice chart for regular tapping..

Meditation Practice

Recorded meditations and visualizations to support you and your progress throughout the program and life.


 An understanding of SMART goals and how to successfully reach them implementing the Huntress Success Method.

Tools to Improve Your Live

Tools to organize your time and protect your feminine energy while creating aligned actions that support your life and your goals.

Belief in You!

Belief in yourself, your intuition, your purpose and your vision for yourself now and at every crossroads..

But wait theres more...

1 90-minute Individual Session

You have access to Leanna for one 90-minute session at some point throughout the 10-week program. In that session you will experience:

  • EFT and visualization work specifically for your current needs and struggles.
  • Tailored unconscious work and healing just for you.

A few topics often brought up in 1-1 sessions with Leanna:  weight loss, sabotage, self-worth, strengthening relationships, self-love, money, boundaries and so much more.

10 Group Coaching Calls

1X each week

Group coaching supports growth through accountability, vulnerability, and support. Learning from others only strengthens us and our own mindset.

  • Strengthened goal-setting work and emotional support using EFT.
  • Inspired group creative thinking and accountability.

In our group sessions, we use the Mama’s Got Goals Planner system, combined with EFT tapping to work on: overcoming sabotage, healing our beliefs, guided memory visualizations, vision casting for the future, goal setting, gratitude, aligned actions and so much more.

Direct Access to Leanna when you need her!

Access to Leanna Monday-Friday till 8pm using the Marco Polo App during the 10 weeks.

Leanna has taken my stress from 8.99 to a 1...

Leanna has helped me with my personal goals and she is fantastic to work with. I am amazed at the materials in Intuitively You and I would recommend her to anyone!

– Carolyn, Intuitively You Client

This course is for



YOU want to Improve your life!

You consciously set goals and intentions using your willpower. You create action steps to help you get there!

You need GUIDANCE, but you have exhausted your resources and your energy and don’t just want ANOTHER COACH.

Don't worry ...

Hi, I’m Leanna…


I created Intuitively You ultimately for me, with you in mind. For the last twelve years, I have been on my own healing journey, working with so many different coaches, mentors, health gurus, and therapists. I wanted nothing but a balance in my life and a mindset that actually got me to where I wanted to go!

For the first time in my life, I can say I am living a truly authentic life supported by the belief that I am enough and always have been. I wasn’t sure I would ever be able to know this for myself. I have healed a 25 year long eating disorder and now use my certified skills to support my clients in their own change and belief work.

As I prayed for my own guidance and support along this journey, God reminded me time after time that this program would be for so many women like me that also felt lost, stuck, and defeated.

And now, it is ready for YOU! You are intuitive, you are beautiful, you are smart and you are enough!

I can’t wait for you to join us

Xoxo, Leanna

Are you joining us? Let’s do this together! I can’t wait to see you there. We have a limited number of spots!

We start Wednesday, October 6th! Group calls take place Wednesday evenings at 4:00 pm PST. You will have access to the replays if you can not watch live.

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