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questions My clients ask

Do you only work in- person?
NO! The beauty of my sessions are that they can be done in-person or virtually right from my home office to wherever you are! I also travel to clients and love having clients come to Utah to see me!
What is the difference between EFT & NLP?
The simplest explanation is that both modalities work with the subconscious brain! NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is really the user manual for the mind and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is tapping or psychological acupressure used to create a balance in your energy system! Together we guide your brain through the change work needed to help you achieve your specific and/or desired outcomes for your life.
What actually happens in a session?
This is something we can cover in a discovery call together, but we schedule our first session for 90 minutes and dive into your current forms of sabotage and/or patterns you want to see improved and released in your life. I use EFT tapping combined with guided subconscious visualizations along with NLP techniques to help you release the current negative patterning. It really is the most beautiful change work!
What if my subconscious doesn’t know the answers?
What if I told you that your subconscious ALWAYS knows where to go first? I ask you to open yourself up to the process and experience this change work first hand! I trust your subconscious brain knows where to go first so I invite you to explore the possibility of this with a session for yourself!