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5 Tips To Supercharge Your Motivation

I have been working with a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner since April of this year. Casey Tom is known for helping her clients, like me, heal their gut by reducing the stress in their lives. I have made such phenomenal progress since then that it actually amazes me at what the body is capable of […]

7 Steps to Release Anxiety using EFT Tapping

A little history behind EFT Roger Callahan first discovered tapping in 1980 with his client Mary who had a severe phobia to water. Dr. Callahan put together his existing knowledge based on the principles of psychology combined with what he was studying in eastern medicine, after months of working with Mary and very little progress. […]

How EFT Tapping Led to Intuitive Eating

I cannot even remember how many times I tried intuitive eating! For years I read blogs, several books that talked about it, and posts about those that are leading this intuitive path with food! I was so intrigued about others’ success with intuitive eating and wanted so badly to have this experience for myself! I […]