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99 Gratitude Journal Prompts to Help You Recognize the Good in Your Life

“Gratitude opens the door to the power, the wisdom, the creativity of the universe” -Deepak Chopra

Two weeks ago in my blog post, I talked about 5 ways to help support you develop an attitude of gratitude. Cultivating this sense of gratitude in our lives lowers our stress, helps us see the good all around us and like that amazing quote above, really is the key to open the doors to get what we want.

Writing in a gratitude journal at the end of each day is always at the top of my list when I first introduce gratitude with my clients. When I start working with someone new, I ask them to commit to this simple practice. I suggest starting small and even just writing 3 things each night before bed that they are grateful for. I also suggest using a notebook specific just for focusing on gratitude and not used for any other purpose. There are so many beautiful journals out there and it should be something you like looking at! I use a handmade journal given as a gift by my dear friend Emily. I love seeing it next to my bed and I feel good about writing in it. Have fun with picking out something special or maybe you want to make your own.

Sometimes after a long day, it can feel challenging to come up with things to write about. I love having a list to work from which can spark creativity and get our brains working. I think you will find that the possibilities of recognizing the good things in your life really are endless.

Here are 99 gratitude journal ideas for you to get started:

  1. My favorite part of my day
  2. Why I am a great friend
  3. My biggest accomplishment in my life
  4. What I love most about my life right now
  5. The best conversation I shared today
  6. Watching the sunset
  7. Waking up and watching the sunrise
  8. “I am enough because….”
  9. Creating a beautiful meal and sharing it will someone special
  10. Lunch with someone special
  11. A gift I received
  12. My most inspiring teacher growing up
  13. What my childhood has taught me
  14. What I learned living through my biggest trial
  15. Something I noticed in nature today
  16. What I learned from my favorite book or podcast
  17. What is best about my morning routine
  18. Why I love selfcare
  19. Freedoms I enjoy
  20. What I love most about my body
  21. A skill I have developed
  22. A beautiful hike I went on
  23. What I love most about my marriage right now
  24. My favorite outfit
  25. A compliment I received
  26. A connection I made with a loved one
  27. A phone conversation I had today
  28. The quiet time I experienced
  29. What I laughed about
  30. “I am a great coworker, because…”
  31. The person that showed up the most today
  32. The weather
  33. Exercising my body
  34. Exercising my mind
  35. The practice of forgiveness
  36. My biggest motivation
  37. A goal I am working towards achieving
  38. My favorite place I have ever been
  39. All the amenities that make my life easier
  40. The most inspiring thing I read on social media
  41. My most favorite place to visit
  42. What I am looking forward to doing this weekend
  43. A little blessing I noticed today
  44. Something I take for granted
  45. Something I love that doesn’t cost money
  46. I food I could eat every day
  47. “I am glad I live in a world with….”
  48. A course or class I signed up for
  49. A fun surprise
  50. What makes me unique
  51. “I was a great mom today, because…..”
  52. Something happening in the future
  53. A life lesson I have learned
  54. Something I accomplished
  55. Something I overcame
  56. Something I fought for
  57. Somewhere beautiful I got to go
  58. Something beautiful I saw
  59. My favorite memory with my pet
  60. What I love about my body
  61. What I love about my spouse or partner
  62. What my friends mean to me
  63. A song I listened to
  64. What I learn from my children
  65. How my children bless my life
  66. A memory that taught me an important life lesson
  67. What God has given me today
  68. Great news I received
  69. What made me laugh
  70. Money I received
  71. “My spouse….”
  72. The things that make me feel safe
  73. Things I am good at
  74. What inspires me to keep going
  75. What my intuition is guiding me to do
  76. What I feel most confident about
  77. What I felt peaceful about
  78. The value of alone time
  79. An event I went to
  80. What I learned from my parents
  81. What I learn from my career
  82. My favorite personality trait
  83. A talent I have
  84. Serving a friend or neighbor
  85. My health
  86. How God answered my prayers today
  87. What my best friend has taught me
  88. My relationship with my pet
  89. A habit I am grateful for
  90. What I love most about my grandparents
  91. Something my parents taught me
  92. Something I never want to forget
  93. How today is better than yesterday
  94. My favorite food or meal
  95. How my body served me today
  96. What made me smile today
  97. Who made me smile today
  98. The most impactful book I have read
  99. My relationship with God

I am excited for you to start your gratitude journal. More importantly I am thrilled for you to start a daily intentional practice of gratitude!

Considering this month of Thanksgiving here in the United States, I wanted to share a small excerpt from one my favorite personal development and mindset masters, Brendan Burchard.

On Thanksgiving several years ago, he wrote this beautiful post about gratitude:

Yet the masters of this life slow time and brave greater feeling.

They let appreciation percolate.

They think about their blessings, wonder about them, talk about them, journal about them, demonstrate thanks and joy for them through prayer, tender conversations, acts of service.

They feel indebted to give as much as they are given and more.

Emotion springs forth. Tears flow. A desire to give thanks enlivens the troubled soul.

Spirit enters the room and suddenly appreciation flowers into the only emotion that makes life worthwhile: Gratitude.

And so let us ask,

“If I slowed down
and noticed the blessings all around,
would I be willing to allow
such divine gifts into my heart now?”

You can read the full article HERE

When we sit for a few minutes each night, especially after a day that was not a great one, focus on the good and “notice the blessings all around,” we are giving both our mind and our heart the opportunity to feel gratitude regularly. When we create those feelings on a consistent basis, our brain will want to feel them more and more and will start to recognize even more things we can be grateful for.

As we allow these “divine gifts into our heart” now, own the blessings we have been given and really feel them, this is how we open the doors to all the things we want in our life!

The only thing required now is to keep it going. I find it fascinating that in one study shared on the Positively Psychology website, it was reported that “although people who express gratitude report higher levels of life satisfaction and lower levels of depression than people who do not engage in gratitude journaling, these differences disappear three months after the journaling has ended.” This study is such a powerful reminder of the importance of consistency! Especially when we are feeling so good…keep going! I compare it to feeling fast after running so many miles as a base while training for a race. The only way to keep up that speed and power is by keeping up our mileage. It is the same with our gratitude practice.

Article can be found HERE

I love the saying, “To get the results you want, you don’t have to be extreme, just consistent.”

Life I said, start small with just three things a day to focus on in your gratitude journal. It will only take you a few minutes and once you are consistently doing that on a regular basis, then you can add in more!

I love looking back over my journal and seeing so much simplicity in it! Most days my entries are short and focus on really basic things. But I also love that I can look back on my life since incorporating my journal (a few years now) and see the significant shifts that have come about since.

May you find joy in this simple gratitude practice and always strive to recognize the good.


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